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My daughter was 4 years old when I got started teaching her about money. Despite my lack of experience with money and my desire to be a good teacher, I knew it was important to start her at an early age.


Four years after she moved out, my wish came true. It was imperative to me that my daughter was financially self-sufficient. And I am so happy that I remained consistent with leading her, because it ultimately led me to keep developing my own prosperity too.

Raising a financially confident individual is a dream come true.

My parents moved from China to give their children a better life. I wanted to raise a child who was financially independent. So I did.

By teaching your children financial literacy, you are strengthening

your relationship with them as well.

The best part is knowing I raised a financially confident young woman.

The unexpected gift that came from it was the strong mother-daughter relationship it forged.

Building Financially Independent Children Creates Empowered Adults

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"Before we worked with Winnie & Emaghea we felt like we kept hitting our head against a financial brick wall when it came to how we wanted to teach our kids."

Jeannie Pye

Alberta, Recovering Pipefitters, Dog Breeders

"I have a background in financial planning and when I heard from Winnie about the CSFL course that she and her Daughter were building I got super interested."

Candace Gish

"This is an investment in your children and grandchildren's life - there is no excuse - TAKE THE TIME to do this."

Ken & Joan McLeod

Happy G-Parents, Daytrader & Cleaning Service for Seniors

In this Masterclass, You'll Learn

How to be confident that you can lead your children well

"We parents have the best opportunity to change your family's financial future, not the schools.

Every action we take is absorbed by kids. No matter how good or bad our habits are, our children will pick them up. With this in mind, our goal is to guide you so that you can lead your children to a prosperous future."

What money can do to strengthen your family ties

Families and relationships are often torn apart by money. Real life examples show that this does not have to be the case. However, my daughter and I's relationship has been greatly strengthened by our discussion about money. And I believe yours can, too.

That the best time to start teaching your kids is now

We often let our kids' finances slip through our fingers without paying attention. In spite of this, it is more imperative than most other priorities to ensure that they have a solid financial foundation from which to build. One day, you will find this process second nature. Your kids need you to teach them how to be Cash Smart For Life at an early age.



"Have you ever considered how life would be different if we used and accessed a wealth health coach from the minute we moved out on our own? How would life be different if we had different options, choices, and experiences? Can we as parents play a role in fostering conscious financial stewardship?

Winnie is that person you can count on! Wealth affects health, and health affects cash flow!

Originally intending on specializing in Chinese Medicine, Winnie’s path led her towards a passion in Financial Health and creative ways to expand and protect your wealth without Wallstreet.

Winnie enjoys Empowering Women and Entrepreneurs to discover and implement financial alternatives. Since 2010, she has also run a successful private insurance practice in Canada.

She is currently building a Life-Long Learning Series to help educate and empower others to achieve the highest levels of Financial Sustainability & Prosperity."


"As early as the age of four, Emaghea's parents began teaching her about money.

Her money management skills were fully developed by the age of 11.

After graduating from high school, she chose not to attend postsecondary education. Instead, she worked minimum wage positions, mostly in public places.

As a young adult, she is able to survive without the financial assistance of her parents. As she makes her way through life, she is confident about her future.

Her finances are in order. She plans, she saves, she spends and she has no consumer debt.

Despite her age and life experience, Emaghea knows how to manage cashflow well.

She's learned that she won't just settle for minimum wage jobs... but she would thrive even if she did."

"This is an investment in your children and grandchildren's life - there is no excuse - TAKE THE TIME to do this."

Ken & Joan McLeod

Happy G-Parents, Daytrader & Cleaning Service for Seniors

I liked how the course gave me an understanding on how to talk to my kids about money. They made it easy for me to explain the system to my children & there are explanations on why you do it.”

Candice Gish


Financial Independent Family Workshop

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